Bay Crossing Swimming Pool

Pool Schedule
Summer 2013
8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Note: This schedule is subject to change.

  • 8:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.
    Lap Swim Only – Homeowners only, no guests

  • 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
    Adult Swim – Homeowners, Guests 18 and over, no children

  • 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
    Adult Swim – Homeowners, Guests 18 and over, no children or Water Aerobics – as scheduled; participants only in the pool

  • 12:00 noon - 5:00 p.m.
    Open Swim – Homeowners, Guests, Children permitted

  • 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
    Adult Swim – Homeowners, Guests 18 and over, no children

  • 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
    Lap Swim Only – Homeowners only, no guests

(The information below is from the Rules and Regulations, The Clubhouse and Its Facilities, Revised October 24, 2010. These rules remain unchanged for 2013)

Section 3.  The Pool

3.1. Lifeguards.  No lifeguards are available at the pool. Homeowners with grievances should bring their concerns to the attention of the Association’s management firm.

3.2. Pool Sign-In Sheet.  Homeowners must annotate the pool sign-in sheet, located on a table in the Lobby, with the requested information before proceeding to the pool and patio/deck area.  This procedure is important to identify who is in the pool area should an emergency occur either in your home or in the pool area and we need to contact you, a family member or appropriate emergency personnel.

3.3. Swimming Pool.  The swimming pool is available for all Homeowners in good standing and their Guests.  At certain times the pool will be reserved for exercise classes and individuals desiring to swim laps. 

3.4. Risk of Use.  Use of the pool is at the swimmer's own risk.  Without limiting any other provision of these Rules and Regulations, each Homeowner and Tenant is personally liable for any injury to or by his or her Guests using the pool.

3.5. Adult and Minor Guests. Only when accompanied by a Homeowner, a maximum of four (4) Adult Guests per Lot will be allowed to use the pool and pool areas.  Permitted Residents are considered Guests. Minor Guests three (3) to seventeen (17) years old, are permitted to use the pool as specified by the schedule, and must be accompanied by the Homeowner at all times.  In compliance with health and safety standards, Children under the age of three (3) are not permitted in the pool.  All Children must be free of diapers and toilet –trained in order to enter the pool.  (Note: The cost required to drain and refill the pool resulting from an individual’s contamination, will be levied on the responsible Homeowner by the Association.)

3.6. Entrance and Exit.  Entry to the pool area is through The Clubhouse’s respective men’s and women’s lockers rooms.  Proper attire is required when passing through The Clubhouse.  Exit the pool area either through the front gate or through The Clubhouse locker room.  The last person to leave the pool area through The Clubhouse locker room should make certain that the access door to the pool area is locked.

3.7. Conduct.  No inappropriate activities, such as running, throwing, rowdiness, or conduct affecting the safety and/or comfort of others will be permitted.

3.8. Equipment, Furniture and Towels.

3.8.1.  Towels.  You are required to bring your own towels.  No towels are to be hanging on the fence.

3.8.2.  Equipment and Furniture.  All equipment used for water classes is the property of The Clubhouse (or the hired instructor) and should be returned to The Clubhouse (or hired instructor).  Chaise lounges are available for the use of Homeowners and their Adult Guests, not their Minor Guests.  All persons using pool furniture must cover the furniture with a towel when in bathing suits and/or using suntan lotions.  Body oils, perspiration and the use of these lotions could stain or damage the furniture and cushions.  The responsible Homeowner must repair damage caused by such products.  Saving of chairs for persons absent from the pool area is not permitted.  Homeowners and their Guests 18 years of age or older should be given priority in the use of the chaise lounges during busy times.

3.8.3.  Floats.  The use of inflatable floats is prohibited.  By way of example, inner tubes, air mattresses, inflatable rafts and other flotation devices, such as boogie boards, are not permitted.  Minors who are unable to swim may use water wings with an Adult's supervision.  "Noodles" may also be used as flotation devices to assist non-swimming Minors with an Adult’s supervision.

3.8.4. Umbrellas The last person leaving a table with a raised umbrella should lower it and tie it securely.

3.9. Hours of Use.  Swimming is permitted only during published operating hours of the pool.  The pool may be closed at any time due to inclement weather (rain, thunder, lightning, etc.), breakdown of equipment, operational defects, or other unavoidable causes as deemed necessary by the Association.

3.10. Showers.  Showers are required for all Homeowners and Guests prior to entering the pool.

3.11. Aquatic Classes.  From time to time, The Clubhouse may offer Aquatic Classes, for which a fee may be charged.

3.12. Food and Beverages.  No food or drink may be consumed within 4 feet from the edge of the pool.  Everyone is responsible for cleaning up after themselves.

3.13. No Glass or Sharp Objects.  Glass objects and sharp objects are not permitted in the pool and deck/picnic areas.

3.14. Games; Horseplay.  Running, ball playing and noisy or hazardous activity will not be permitted in the pool areas.  Pushing, dunking, and dangerous games are not permitted.  Snorkeling equipment, other than a mask, is not to be used in the pool except as part of an organized course of instruction.  The throwing of Frisbees, wet clothes, or any other object is not permitted at any time within the pool or pool areas.

3.15. Diving; Jumping; Climbing.  No diving is permitted in the pool; no jumping into the pool is permitted.  No climbing is permitted on any structure.   Everyone is to stay off of the ropes.

3.16. Attire.  All swimmers must wear swimming attire.  Thongs, cut-offs and shorts are not considered appropriate swimwear.  Long hair should be tied up or in a bathing cap.

3.17. Radios and Compact Disk Players.   Radios, compact disk players, portable media players and tape players may only be used with earphones.

3.18. Trash.  All persons using the pool areas are expected to cooperate in keeping the areas clear by properly disposing of all trash.

3.19. Admission Refusal Admission to the pool shall be refused to any person having any skin rash, infectious disease, cold, sore or inflamed eyes, or nasal or ear discharge.  Persons with open sores or bandages of any kind will not be permitted in the pool area.

3.20. Electrical Storms.  Swimming will not be allowed during thunder or electrical storms.  All Owners and their Guests are expected to vacate the swimming pool and surrounding areas upon hearing an initial thunder clap or witnessing lighting.  No one is permitted in the pool for thirty (30) minutes after the last sign of either thunder or lightening.

3.21. Wet bathing suits are not permitted in The Clubhouse except in the locker rooms.

3.22. The last person departing the pool should lock both locker room doors.