Bay Crossing House and Landscaping Modifications

Bay Crossing Homeowner's Association, Inc.
Architectural Standards

A Manual for Bay Crossing Home Owners

The primary purpose of the manual is to familiarize homeowners at Bay Crossing with the objectives, scope and application of design standards and guidelines which are intended and will be employed to maintain the aesthetic appearance and environmental quality of the Bay Crossing community. Familiarity with the architectural standards and guidelines should assist homeowners in the preparation of applications for modifications to their homes which are consistent with the guidelines and therefore approvable.

The manual enumerates specific architectural standards and guidelines which have been adopted by the Board of the Bay Crossing Homeowner’s Association, Inc. It also explains the application and review process which must be adhered to by homeowners seeking approval for any exterior modifications or changes to their homes which are subject to approval by the Association.

This manual will serve as a valuable reference source and will assist homeowners in preparing acceptable applications for review by the Association’s Architectural Committee. All homeowners are encouraged to familiarize themselves with its contents and to retain the manual for future use. Go to the Manual.

Architectual Guidelines (Revised 2011)

Design Review Application (2009)

Guideline for Contractor Responsibilities