Bay Crossing Clubhouse

The Bay Crossing Clubhouse has 5,735 square feet of space for the enjoyment of the members. It includes the following interior areas:

  • Vestibule, with events bulletin board
  • Lobby
  • Ball Room
  • Billiards and Game Room
  • Multi-Purpose Room, with a committees and local events bulletin board
  • Fitness Center
  • Manager’s Office
  • Kitchen
  • Men’s and Women’s Rest Rooms & Locker Rooms
  • Rest Rooms Hallway with an official postings bulletin board and a display bulletin board

Hours are 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

In addition, there is an outdoor swimming pool and a tennis court on the Clubhouse grounds.  The Swimming Pool Schedule and Rules for 2011 can be viewed at

The HOA approved revised rules and regulations for the clubhouse and pool effective October 24, 2010. These may be viewed here: "Rules and Regulations - The Clubhouse and Its Facilities". This document supersedes all previous versions.

Members may rent the Ballroom, Multi-purpose Room and Kitchen.  The Room Rental Fee is $100.00 for the first 4 (four) hours.  Each additional hour shall be at $25.00 per hour.  The Security and Cleaning Deposit is $350.00.  The application and agreement (contract) are available for downloading or you may call Legum & Norman, Inc. 302-227-8448.

Questions and requests for assistance as well as issues outside the Clubhouse building, e.g., grass mowing, snow removal, ponds, walks, etc. should be directed to:

Kathy Yurchak, Senior Community Manager
Legum & Norman, Inc.
Phone:  302-227-8448
FAX:  302-227-5635