Bay Crossing Sprinkler Plan

Justification for Requiring a Sprinkler Plan as Part of the ARC Application

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  The Bay Crossing irrigation system is a zone-based, community-wide irrigation system; not one that is designed on a lot-by-lot basis.  A zone-based community system is less expensive, but does have certain limitations, such as changes to one lot’s configuration of the system or watering schedule having the potential to affect other lots.

When patios, decks, screened-in rooms, additions or landscaping projects are planned by individual homeowners, changes to the irrigation system on that lot may be necessary to accommodate changes in the area(s) needing irrigation and the types of plants being irrigated (grass versus flower beds, etc.).

This can range from simply adjusting heads, to capping heads, moving heads, or adding heads.  If done properly, there is no adverse effect on the overall system.

What to Do

The effect on the overall irrigation system in and around any new construction or major landscaping by a homeowner must be taken into account when changes are planned the property. 

Moving forward, all ARC applications which are approved will be approved contingent upon a new irrigation plan being submitted prior to construction.  A homeowner may submit the initial application for review without the new irrigation plan.  However, the plan will not be approved as final, nor can any construction begin, until the new irrigation plan has been submitted and reviewed.  In the event changes are not needed, the owner must so state where indicated on the application.

If you are planning to remove, move or add sprinkler heads in order to complete your construction project, you or your contractor must submit a diagram of the sprinkler changes in addition to the other drawings required either with your initial Design Review Application or with the final application once your initial application has been contingently approved.

Once the final application, including the irrigation plan is approved, you or your contractor may make the approved changes.  For your information, the operator of our irrigation system, Superior Landscaping, will prepare the diagram and make the changes, if you wish.  You should discuss the cost of this with your contractor and/or Superior Landscaping.

Where to Obtain Components

The existing system uses Rain Bird® brand components (heads, nozzles, etc.).  Superior Landscaping has agreed to provide these at their cost through Legum and Norman.  You or your contractor may acquire these components, or similar, commercially equivalent components elsewhere, if you wish.  Please note that there is a specification sheet available through the Property Management company that details the specifications required for each part.  You may not use non-commercial grade replacement parts (e.g. parts you buy from Home Depot or other household type retailers) as they will have an adverse effect on pressurization within the overall system.

NOTE:  Please be advised that you may have to pay to repair any damages to the overall system caused by changes made by you or your contractor and/or to replace any parts installed on your lot which have caused an adverse effect on the system.

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