November 12th, An Evening with Bryan Clark (see below)...
December 2nd, Holiday Gala, 6-10PM, details to follow...
December 7th, Day trip to NYC ($55), click here for all the details...
December 16th, Holiday Cocktail Party, details to follow...
For Additional Information On ...
Street Paving Delay
Curb and Sidewalk Cement Repairs in Bay Crossing

Veteran Group Collecting Stocking Stuffers
DelDot / RT1 & Bay Crossing Blvd Crossover
Lifestyle Committee changes Nov. meeting date
Lifestyle Committee Events

• November 12 An Evening with Bryan Clark
• December 2 Holiday Gala
• December 16 Holiday Cocktail Party
BOD/HOA Meetings Live Text Streaming

For the hearing impaired, or just those who cannot make meetings, BC has entered into an agreement with “Archive Reporting & Captioning Service” to stream a live transcription of monthly Board of Directors and annual Homeowners' Association meetings. For directions on how to access this service click here. As a convenience of those present at the meeting, a transcription is also shown on a large screen television.
November 12th - An Evening with Bryan Clark

Saturday night, November 12, from 7 to 10PM. So get on those dancing shoes and join us for an evening with Bryan Clark, the popular local entertainer, who will sing, dance, and chase the “blues” away.
December 7th - Day trip to NYC

Wednesday, December 7 leave BC @7:30AM and return from NYC @6:30PM. Cost of the trip, including driver tip, is $55. Contact Jackie Moyer for additional information and reservations. Details of the trip can be seen here.
Area Activities/Highlights

Need an idea for local places, resturants or attractions to visit? Or need a place, other than your house, for visitors to stay? Check out this page .

November 2016

The month of September has brought progress on negotiations leading to the transfer of Phase Four to the HOA. In a meeting on the 21st with Blenheim, the Board, and Paul Brager representing the Transition Committee, received a commitment that Blenheim intends to complete the transition in November and definitely before the year end.

Additional agreements were made by Blenheim to honor several “punch list” items including special landscaped plantings around the storm drain pond, replacement of dead trees in the common swale, adding top soil to portions of the swale to improve drainage, reseeding and completing the sidewalk at Admiral Promenade. These improvements will be made in October. To read the rest in November's The Breeze click here.

Schedule of Committee & Club Meetings

Week of the Month

First Week Second Week Third Week Fourth Week
Grounds - Monday @ 10 BOD - Wednesday @ 9 ARC - Friday @ 10:30 Finance - Wednesday @ 10
Travel - Monday @ 10:15      
Book - Monday @ 1      
Lifestyle - Friday @ 10:30      
Locations may vary and day/times can change. Check with Committee/Club Chairperson.

Board of Directors

Peter Grant
Doug Winkelmann
Vice President
Cathy Schlossnagle
Tom Reed
Phil Wescott
@Bay Crossing Don Gansauer - Weather Underground
Today is:

Street Paving Delay

There has been a delay in the construction and completion of the two remaining Blenheim homes. The HOA was assured that both homes would be completed by the third week in October. It now looks like they might go into the first week of November. This delay will have a major impact on the road work that was scheduled to start on Monday, October 24.

Road work in Phase 4 is still a priority and must be completed before any other paving is done in Bay Crossing. This work cannot begin until Sussex County Public Works Department gives Blenheim the green light and the County will supervise to make sure the work is done in accord with best quality standards. As of today, that authorization to proceed has not been given. Therefore paving work in Phase 4 will not begin on October 24 and has been postponed until sometime during the week of October 31.

This push back in schedule has had a major effect on the planned schedule to start the repair and repaving of Bay Crossing Blvd. and Vessel Cove. We are going to reschedule this work until the Spring of 2017. The reason is that to start repair and then paving in the middle of November is not advised by either the County PWD or our contractor. The concern is that colder weather could have an adverse effect on the curing of the road surface and could impact the quality of the finished product. If the weather remained warm throughout November and into December the roads would cure, but the HOA Board does not feel the risk is worth taking.

Lifestyle Committee New Meeting Date

NOTICE: Lifestle Committee meeting changed to Friday, November 11th at 10:30 instead of November 4th

Veteran Group Collecting Stocking Stuffers

The Bay Crossing Veterans Group is participating in an effort to collect Stocking Stuffers, which will be sent to US troops who will be away from home during the coming holiday season.

A box has been placed in the lobby of the club house to facilitate the collection of the requested items. BC residents interested in supporting this effort are encouraged to deposit any requested items in the box prior to the November 14. Arrangements have been made to forward all donations to a coordinating location.

At the request of several of our residents the following partial list is provided of some of the items requested as Stocking Stuffers.

  • Small Candy Bars/Packages
  • Granola / Fruit Breakfast Bars
  • Cookies, Nuts, Pretzels, Trail Mix (less than 12 oz. size)
  • Flavored drink mix (single packets)
  • Chewing gum
  • Slim Jims, Beef Jerky
  • Ramen Noodle Soup Packs
  • Hand & Foot Warmers
  • Individually Packaged Meals (less than 8 oz.)
  • Toothbrushes and Toothpaste
  • Crew Socks (black)
  • Mole skin
  • Lip balm
  • Razors, toiletries and lotions
  • Paperback books


Contact Pete DePasquale for additional information.

Nighttime Work to Begin for Intersection Improvements at Bay Crossing Boulevard on Route 1 Lewes

Bay Crossing Boulevard on Route 1 Lewes The crossing on Route 1 at Bay Crossing Boulevard will be closed for approximately two months while crews reconstruct and make improvements to the median.

The Delaware Department of Transportation's (DelDOT) contractor, JJID, Inc., was scheduled to begin work on Monday, October 10 (but hasn't) to reconstruct the existing median turn-lane channelization to improve sight distance at the Bay Crossing Boulevard median crossover. Improvements will also be made to the drainage system in the median.

Route 1 northbound and southbound between Bay Crossing Boulevard and Postal Lane/Melson Drive will have left lane closures and left-turn lanes closed from 7 p.m. until 7 a.m. Monday evening until Friday morning. There will be no lane closures on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings.

This project is anticipated to be complete by ?????, pending weather.

Curb and Sidewalk Cement Repairs in Bay Crossing Beginning October 24

Those in the community who have noticed orange markings on curbs and sidewalks with cracks will begin to see the removal of those sections in order that they can be repaired. The Board has been notified that the work to repair cracked sections will begin during the week of October 24 and possibly as soon as Monday of that week. Work will progress in the community till completed throughout Phases 1 to 3 although at this time it is not known where work will begin. It is requested that homeowners do not park on or close to curbs that have been marked and help to prevent any none residents and contractors from parking close to those areas as well. Also avoid marked sections on sidewalks as they are worked on. While contractors are working on these repairs, please drive with added caution and a little slower around contractors.

Seven homes will have work done on sections of curbs in front of their driveways. As work is in progress and until repaired cement sections are cured, those homeowners impacted may want to plan to have their vehicles parked in the street. During this work and the curing of the cement, access to driveways will be limited. The homes that will be impacted are:

34922 Vessel Cove
34909 Bay Crossing Blvd (on the circle)
34991 Jetty Shores
34881 Seaward Circle
34827 Capstan Lane
34951Compass Cove
34734 Maritime Way
As work progresses on this project, your cooperation will be appreciated. It is anticipated that once work begins, it should be completed within 2 to 4 days depending on weather.


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